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Gum Treatments

For patients who have experienced pain and swelling in the gums, we offer gum treatments otherwise known as periodontal care. Periodontics provides ongoing treatments for gums that have become infected and begun to recede. Our team is committed to offering the highest levels of care for our patients. If you are experiencing any symptoms that
may be indicative of gum disease, we will provide you with the gum treatments needed to return your teeth and gums to an optimal state of well being.

Symptoms of Gum Disease Include:

  • Tender Swollen Gums
  • Bleeding gums especially after brushing
  • Bad breath that never seems to go away
  • Red gums that are sensitive to the touch

Understanding Gum Disease

Gum disease starts when the plaque on the teeth at the gum line is not sufficiently removed. Over time the buildup of bacteria results in inflamed gums causing Gingivitis. This is an early stage of gum disease that can be remedied with regular and consistent brushing. If left untreated, Gingivitis develops into Periodontitis which is a more advanced version of gum disease. When this occurs, the gums begin to recede and the pockets that form become infected. Teeth can become affected and may even need to be removed in some instances.

Our office offers complete dental care for patients experiencing oral discomfort and symptoms of gum disease. Visit our Contact Us page to schedule an appointment with our dental office to discuss any of your questions or concerns.

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