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Fillings or Inlays

Whether due to cavities or gum disease, teeth can become decayed and will require fillings to protect their structure. For patients with previous amalgam fillings, we offer replacements with composite resin (white) fillings or inlays. For larger surface areas that require more extensive work, we utilize cast gold or ceramic.

Health & Aesthetic Benefits

White composite resin fillings have a more natural appearance than worn amalgam tooth fillings. They blend easily with the color of the enamel and don’t call attention to your teeth during eating, laughing, or chewing. In addition to an improved appearance, composite resin fillings and inlays offer increased health benefits since they carry none of the health concerns associated with amalgam tooth fillings.

We offer premier dental services from two of the leading dentists in Casa Grande, AZ area. Our dentists, Robert F. Hankel D.D.S. and Chris Ehrbright, D.D.S. offer comprehensive dental services including the expert placement of fillings and inlays. The comfort of our patients is our highest priority and we offer every measure to ensure your visit is as pain free and rewarding as possible.

Please visit our Contact Us page to schedule an appointment for fillings. We will discuss your available options after your evaluation is completed. We look forward to helping you achieve a beautiful and healthy smile.







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